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Murals and Wall Graphics

NevinGraphics can produce anysize mural or wall graphic. We have hand painting murals since 1979. Able to do interior and exterior murals of most any themes.
Our background is in Art/Illustration with over 30 years experience. Being contracted early on to paint a 4ftx8ft political advertisement we realized the impact of murals/wall graphics. We've painted basement walls with Gothic images to Libary walls with hot air balloons (seen below).

Here are two Samples of Murals and one Wall Graphic. If you are interested feel free to visit our contact page, let us know what your interested in doing, where the Mural or Wall Graphics is to be completed at and we will be happy to offer pricing for your project.


Murals are hand painted by us and are for local customers (40 miles radius) done in multiple days. They are done in acrylic paint (not washable) and then sealed to protect them from everyday grime. We general meet with you to discuss your mural, its feasability and location, time-lines, and pricing.
All murals are paid 50% in advance and the remainder on completion (no exceptions). We are professionals and do professional work, which requires allot of effort and time. So be sure you are asking for the right thing when you want a mural and not a wall graphic.

CADL South Lansing Library Mural

This mural is currently at the CADL South Lansing Michigan, Library. It was donated by us to support the library's Mission to promote childrens reading by helping make the childrens area more fun and inviting.
(yes that is me, leaning against the wall to give some scale I'm 6ft tall)

CADL South Lansing Library Mural

This mural was formerly at the CADL
South Lansing, but was overpainted during the remodel.
Hense the reason for the new 8ft by 12ft Balloon Mural to the left. These murals are hand painted, not wall vinyl.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics are done in graphic sign/wall vinyl and cut then applied, we can do both (local only, unless you pay travel fees) or we can cut the vinyl and send it to you for application with instructions and scraper ready to apply.

Oscars RS Automotive-Potterville
Oscars RS Automotive contracted us for many projects. One being this wall graphics in their reception area. a 3ft by 1ft logo. They are great people and do awesome work. That is why they called us! They like our Quality and Professionalism.

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